Landscape Lighting Company is proud to offer the most talented designers in the business!  We have over 35 years experience designing outdoor lighting for residential and commercial clients.

Our years of experience assisting clients achieve the desired atmosphere they are looking for with their home or business have taught us how to harness the light to illuminate your landscape, home or commercial facility to its’ best advantage.   It's more than just spacing the lights evenly. It's making sure that the lighting highlights the subject in the correct color and perception while presenting a pleasing picture to the eye creating a world that previously didn’t exist.

Landscape Lighting Company provides our clients with truly professional outdoor lighting services yet provide that personal touch from our initial meeting to project completion and beyond.  Once a quote is accepted, we will work hard to complete installation in a timely manner and keep the client informed of our progress.

Landscape Lighting Company can also give you the look you want with LED and other “Green” products. We are proud to work with our clients to make sure the work we do fits in with the natural surroundings of the project.

Call us at (502) 245-0720 and let us help you!